C J Hall

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The Author & The Artist

Share in her thoughts and trepidations while on her journey of creativity

C J Hall has embarked on a long dream, thanks to the helpful shove of a few friends she is finally bringing to life two of her female creations. 

Rosie Chelsea- Black was born at the same time as Catori, back in the year 2006. It took another five years until C J had the courage to begin writing as the characters on a social networking site as well as a couple of Role Playing platforms. Now the characters are finally speaking to C J again but begging for their novels to be spread out over a few books to ensure you understand their lives from in their entirety. 

As an artist C J started the process by making blanket for a sick relative. Art was a subject at school she enjoyed but being told what to draw was something she didn't much enjoy. After taking her exams she gave up on art until she became a single parent and drew on her the walls in her son's bedroom. The rest is history, for now she is the owner of Catori's Gifts and selling her products, ready made as well as custom. Recycling glass bottles and plastic, to other forms of mediums. Mixing mediums is a passion of hers. From nature to gothic art she loves to design and create from the heart.

Read her thoughts and join in her journey as she opens up to her experiences