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Recycled Bottles

Published on 25 June 2021 at 00:07

My faith leads me to want to protect the earth as the earth has fed and protected us since it was created. While I am working on products made from plastic bottles and cartons, I have spent most of the pandemic of 2020 and 2021, cutting as well as decorating Glass bottles. There is an app called 'Nextdoor' here in the Uk. This app / website is a place for people in the local community to reach out to each other. I used the app to make a plea for glass bottles of all kinds,  we British do like to drink over the festive season, what am I saying we simply enjoy our drink. So when I placed a plea for the bottles just before Christmas of 2020 I was shocked with the amount of people willing to donate bottles rather than throw them away. Still to this day I have people turning up at my door with boxes and bags of bottles. My garden now has my very own recycling bin for glass bottles.

These images above are some of my first products, currently I am working on planters and vases uniquely decorated. 

So to answer the question..... I love to recycle as well as upcycle this is why I Recycle the bottles. In my opinion it is better to turn the bottles into something useful rather than melt them down to make more bottles.

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