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Father's Day Gifts

Published on 17 July 2021 at 15:53

What gift do you buy or make for your parent?. That is one of the hardest questions I ask myself in regards to my father, three times a year. Fathers Day, Birthday and Christmas, the answer is..... I have no idea. Twenty seven years ago I was searching for a Christmas gift to surprise my father, this is the man who, every year, asks for socks or Shirts to wear for  work.

This particular year my Mum and I were walking around the local garden centre when I came across a concrete Cricket Bowler Statue, this statue was a caricature of a balding, pot belly over arm bowler. It was perfect so I bought it, however I didn't think to how heavy the damn thing would be. Mum and I managed to hide it from my father until Christmas day. Once dad picked it up, unwrapped it and saw it...... his face lit up like a toddlers face on his/her second Christmas.

My mother has recently died, so I had no one to help me plan something silly for fathers day this year (2021). Last year I hand painted him a sarcastic t- shirt. This year I decided to make him a planter for his courtyard. So I had the idea design, I had made him a clock with birds on it for Christmas. The planter with birds and nests was the only option. So I went about creating the planter and stand. The stand glows in the dark which is fun to look at on a muggy evening.

If you are interested in learning how I made the planter please let me know or join a group page I am a Mentor on.


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