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COMS Paranormal World - Who are we?

Published on 27 June 2021 at 19:19





We are the three authors of COM’s Paranormal World. The three of us met while writing in a few writing groups on Facebook. Over the years we formed a bond, made characters to write with each other, Molly and Olivia finally joined the world of Rosie, writing as characters I have created. 


The freedom you find when creating your own character or universe is one thing, but to have people wishing to write and join your universe is something else entirely. Over the twelve years of Role-Playing on Facebook, I have created three universes with three strong independent women. Over time two of these women joined forces so now I have two Universes to explore.


Currently, Molly, Olivia, and I are working on the Norse Wolf Universe. This is the life of Rosie Chelsea-Black and her family. Over time you will slowly be introduced to the Fenrir Pack, Meleki Pack, and the Francsicus Pack. 


As writers we do not believe in holding back, we take it to the extreme with emotions and actions. The three of us love the authors Sherrilyn McQueen and J R Ward, each of us has spent time writing as their characters until finally, it was time to concentrate on our own. Thanks to these writers, especially Sherrilyn McQueen, we have forged ourselves an intimate group of writers who love the idea of bringing my characters to life. To begin with Rosie, Quinn and  Ulmer are the characters we are working on.


The Role-Play world on Facebook and a few other platforms are mainly made up of women who wish to live the lives of the characters they either read about or wish to be. There are real-life males writing also either as women or men, but 95% of writers in the RP world are women. Have you been in a room full of women? it is dangerous. Now add ego’s to this, backstabbing, cliques, and not to mention one of the most popular sayings, “I can do that character better than you” and you in RP hell. There was a time when you would count your blessings if your characters account was still up after a month, if someone didn’t like you, you can bet your ass you try to logon but find your account is ‘nuked’ AKA deleted, or has been put on a time out by Facebook. All because some jealous female writer didn’t like either;


1 - Your story

2 - Being called out

3 - Your character’s relationship with a male they wanted

4 - For having their asses handed to them for breaking group rules


The list can go on and on but I won’t bore you. 


If you chose to enter into this world, I wish you luck. Just keep your head down and don’t trust easily, at the end of the day most of the relationships you will make in the RP world are just people at the other end of the internet connection. RP nowadays is a tough sport on your fingers *rolls over laughing*

All of this being said, I have made some long and lasting friendships with many people around the world, thanks to RP. Finally, we decided to keep the accounts active, but have now found ourselves writing the books to the characters.

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