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Thoughts on the start of Norse Wolf Rising

Published on 24 June 2021 at 22:10

Even though I created Rosie and her family over ten years ago, wrote as her on Facebook for the same length of time, it is interesting how the process of writing her novels has already caused me anxiety.


I had originally decided not to bother writing the novels I knew I had buried within my soul, yet a few friends had an intervention that convinced me to begin the process. The next stage was to decided which book to write first, that was difficult because over the years I had learned how to write as multiple characters at the same time….. So writing two novels with two different female main characters should be easy right? yes it was, to begin with


With Rosie’s background being second nature to me, writing her story was going to be a breeze, however, the first draft was not as great as I thought it was. A stranger read it for me,  this will be explained later and gave me some feedback with some positive advice to which I adhered to. So now the first few chapters have already been edited, haha see I did it again. One of her pieces of advice was to explain more and not to rush the story. You see I had been writing the story, even from the Prologue, as if people already knew the story behind Rosie. So instead of writing in detail, I was writing in a form of note-taking which was confusing the reader because she had no idea who the characters were. 


While I am still wanting to keep some mystery for the reader to be drawn into, I had to remember to build the characters for the new readers to understand. Not only did I feel like an Idiot but thanks to this piece of advice, which was so simple, I have the bug again to write. Not rushing is the best form of advice I have been given too


Writing a novel is extremely different from roleplaying on Facebook and other Role Playing platforms out there. Sure when I was writing the stories they could be long and detailed, they could even be put together as a short storybook. Yet writing Rosie’s story from the beginning is so much fun.


To help meet other writers and gain their critiques to help me write, I joined a few platforms for writers, one being Wattpad. Wattpad is where you have the luxury to read our novels as we write and publish each chapter, you also have the ability to vote for our chapters and leave reviews. This is helpful for the author because then we know if changes should be made and we build a fan base. The novel is being written within a community called Plot Factory, this helps us build our characters, the scenery, and the universe our characters live, once I signed up to this community I learned this is how J K Rowling developed her Wizard series ( not a fan of those books) so it is encouraging to know that I am following, along with other like-minded people, in the footsteps of a famous author.


To follow Rosie's story on Wattpad simply click on the link

To read the Prologue to Norse Wolf Rising click on the link for epub 


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