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Who Is The Author?

Published on 27 June 2021 at 19:28

Creative writing began for me like every little girl in the land of English education, period 3 English, then when I entered senior school we had double English followed by double English Lit (Literature). Writing stories was never a problem for me, having a creative mind and ability to hide in an alternative world was easy when you spent most of your life in boarding schools, being told by your teacher your choice of genre was too dark, too predictable, and downright morbid was another problem altogether. Seriously when you are told you may choose any subject matter for your story this is what you are going to do, oh and let us not forget when the teacher would explain you should write either what you know, what you feel comfortable with, or what makes you happy. Yes, you can imagine receiving a page full of red markings and negative comments would crush your creative writing spirit. Thankfully I have broad shoulders, seriously I look like a ruby player on steroids, after sulking for a week or so I chose to prove the teacher wrong, pulled up my big girl panties (this was in the mid-80s and an all-girls boarding school) sat and read the dictionary until I was board then began to play word games. 


Oh sorry I should explain that during the 1980s we had a tool called the ‘Dictionary’ and another tool called ‘ The Thesaurus’ for all you kids born after the 1970s, we may have come from the generation when computer technology was birthed but we still had to wait until the late 1990s until spell check was invented


Anyway years later I had my son, found a few authors to read seeing as I was awake 18 hours a day, single parenthood and all that, the one author I would lose myself in has now changed her name to Sherilynn McQueen, there was a world opened to me I could finally identify with and learn to follow the world I love so much. Since then my library has expanded to cover Paranormal Romance, BDSM Romance, Billionaire Romance plus more. 

Writing became a serious hobby for me when I was introduced to Role Play (that would be text role play) on a social media network, you know the one with a big blue square and the letter ‘F’ in white. Now that is another blog entirely, who needs to send our militaries out to war when all you have to do is navigate yourself through this world daily. While emotions were at an all-time high as well as an all-time low, close friends (who are still with me know), a ‘cult’ following was made. Friendships were made and broken, jealousy was discovered at an all-time low, plagiarism was discovered, vocabulary was learned but during all these ups and downs my love for creative writing was realized again. While I played several characters across different genres and sexes more was discovered about myself. The main discovery was that when I allow myself to lose myself in storytelling I have pretty damn good stories that others seem to either steal or want to develop with me.

So now after 12 years of creating worlds on this social network (which you can read about in another blog), I have finally listened to my small close group of friends and begun the journey into self-publishing.

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